Lazy Sunday – what else?

What do you mean “lazy”? It is nice to have a lie-in, but after an abundant breakfast, the programme begins. Because of the rain, the walk to Benenden church becomes a bus ride. But no rain can unsettle us Austrians. The vicar and the congregation always make a big effort with our FAMILY SERVICE.

Our Benenden choir contributes by singing some songs during the mass. At last there is enough time to clean the rooms. Some people really needed that time?! As a reward there is Viennese Schnitzel and ice cream for lunch. Our WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP has to take place in the sports hall due to heavy rain. The teams of Brazil, the Netherlands, Germany, Argentina, England and the USA are competing for the gold throphy. Football, volleyball and swimming: the outcome could not be closer. At the end of the day the winner is decided by just one goal in the football and one point in the volleyball.

The 2014 champions: Team ARGENTINA. Congratulations! The winners are honoured during the “Brazilian Samba Party” in the evening. The Netherlands came second and Brazil third. There are also prizes for the winners of the treasure hunt and for the best costumes at the “neon party”.