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Junior high

€ 2129,- /All Inclusive Price


Bus from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breda


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08.08.- 25.08.2018

Bus from Amsterdam, Utrecht, Breda

Benenden in England

We have been going to Benenden for almost 40 years now. For a long time we travelled there only by bus, but in recent years we have also offered flight transfers, which have proved very popular. Ever-stricter safety regulations make flying more and more complicated and time-consuming. We have therefore improved our on-board service significantly in order to make bus travel more attractive.

Travelling by bus

The bus journey is an adventure in itself and also a lot cheaper. Duration from Austria: about 16 hours incl. ferry crossing! All other (international) pick-up locations on request.

The route

Salzburg – Munich – Frankfurt – Cologne – Aachen – Belgium – Calais – Dover – Benenden.
The English Channel is crossed by ferry.

Travelling by plane

For those who travel by plane, the course starts a day later and ends a day earlier! We have flights departing from Vienna, Salzburg, Munich and Memmingen. If necessary, we can organise feeder flights from Linz, Graz, Klagenfurt and other airports.

Accompanied flights

Every flight is accompanied by supervisors, who bring the tickets and meet the course participants by the check-in desk. The tickets are handed out immediately before check-in and collected straight afterwards to be kept safe by us until the journey home.


The flights are booked in the order that applications are received. The precise flight details are provided with the last information before the course.

Order a brochure

Order a free brochure of the Benenden trip!

Are you interested in the current brochure including the registration forms? Please feel free to send us an email or to call us and we will gladly send you the material free of charge.

Benenden Partners

Becoming a partner of the Obermair private school

€100 discount until 31st April

Successful partnerships:


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Gym Werndlpark

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BG Braunau

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BG Seekirchen

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Georg v. Peuerbachgym Linz

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BRG Steyr

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BRG Wels

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Musisches Gymnasium

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Ursulienen Gym

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BORG Nonntal

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