Hall of Fame




The “Benenden Hall of Fame” was created in 2014. It is intended as a tribute to all the students who have come to England with us three or more times. Since the Benenden language camps have been running since 1978, it is of course very difficult to find all of the students who fulfil this criterion. We therefore ask all ex-students who cannot find themselves in the Hall of Fame to contact us, so we can complete our platform. Of course we will only add your entry to our hompage with your permission! Each student who has been to Benenden three times is in the category “bronze” If you have been part of the Benenden experience four times, then you can find youself by clicking on the “silver” trophy. In the “gold” category are all the students who joined our English trips to Benenden five times or more.

We want to thank our students, and of course their parents, in this way for their amazing loyalty to us! New entries to the Hall of Fame are also honoured in person during our stay in England.